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Perfect for little learners who want to know everything, My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things is a special, charming book that is bursting with knowledge.My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things is a fun treasury of educational delights. Learning takes on a storybook feel, being told through "Once upon a time" stories and graphic novel elements. Its padded cover and ribbon bookmark make it the perfect book for young readers' hands.Covering a big world of discovery, My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things explores animals, people, planets, and, very importantly, you! Learn what happens when you skin your knee and find out what makes someone a cousin instead of a sister. Meet vegetarian dinosaurs, fluffy pets, and big blue whales. Explore the past with cavemen, Vikings, and pharaohs. Follow the life of a plant, from seed to flower, and see what clouds are made out of.Play "I Spy" games to help with letter recognition or flip through the reference section that has important information about letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. Study the "Look At This!" pages to see something amazing in even better detail and pore over all the fun facts.Blending adorable, simple illustrations with rich photography and lively text, My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things is the perfect first reference book for young readers.It's a very important book for very important people.